About Us

Black Dog Radio Productions, Inc. has been providing quality radio programming to stations across the U.S. and Canada since 2005.

We strongly believe that the strength of a niche program is as much in it's delivery as in it's expertise. People who have all the answers but who deliver a show in a dry or stale way do not attract listeners or advertisers. Programs that we currently syndicate and ones that we are now developing start with people who have worked in radio and know how to deliver a good program.

We don't just want to fill an hour or two of programming for you. We want to help you grow audience and revenue and to give your sales department a chance to bring in advertisers they don't already have.

  • Matt Bubala

    Matt founded Black Dog Radio Productions, Inc. in 2005 to respond to a need for quality weekend programming. Matt has been working in radio since 1995. He has produced at KABC/KMPC in Los Angeles, at WKQI in Detroit and for 10 years at WGN Radio in Chicago.

    Matt understands that program directors and station managers don't have a lot of time to worry about weekend programming. Black Dog's goal is to provide you quality programming that you can count on every week. At the same time we know that these shows must be revenue producers that will motivate your sales department. Our goal is to always satisfy both sides of the radio station, programming and sales.

  • Jim Donato
    Director of Multimedia

    Jim joined Black Dog in 2007 to shore up our multimedia division. Jim maintains all of our websites and is a videographer/video editor with wide knowledge of Final Cut Pro, iMovie and Mac operating systems. Our goal is to provide great web content to complement our radio programming and to give our affiliates opportunities to enhance their web sites with content that engages your audience and differentiates your unique brand.